ACR SmartReader 8 8-Channel Temperature Data Logger from ACR Systems

SmartReader 8,8-Channel,Temperature,Data Logger,ACR,SystemsThe ACR SmartReader 8 8-channel temperature data logger can measure temperature in eight different locations simultaneously using ACR's ET series thermistor probes. Monitor and record high temperature, low temperature, pipe surface, skin surface, or a variety of other temperatures.


ACR ET Series Temperature Probes or any NTC thermistor probe

ACR ET Series Thermistor Probes

(SmartReader 8 works with any NTC thermistor probe)

General Purpose
-35 to 95°C (-30 to 200°F)
Low Temperature
-60 to 55°C (-75 to 130°F)
Low Temp Penetration
-60 to 55°C (-75 to 130°F)
High Temperature
10 to 170°C (50 to 335°F)
Oven Temperature
70 to 255°C (155 to 490°F)
Skin Surface Temperature
20 to 40°C (68 to 104°F)
Pipe Surface Temperature
-35 to 95°C (-30 to 200°F)
Waterproof Temperature
-40 to 105°C (-40 to 221°F)

Ordering Information

Model Memory Catalogue #
SR-008 32 KB 01-0036


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