ACR SmartReader 5 3-Channel Temperature Data Logger from ACR Systems

SmartReader 5,3-Channel,Temperature,Data,Logger,ACR,SystemsThe ACR SmartReader 5 3-channel temperature data logger is ideal for those applications that require monitoring extremely high temperatures or monitoring temperature over a wide range. The logger has one internal channel for measuring ambient temperature and two external channels for use with ACR thermocouple wire or any J, K, S or T type thermocouple wire.


+/- 1% of range + resolution
ACR Thermocouple Wire or any J, K, S, and T type thermocouples
Thermocouple Specs:
Range and Resolution: NARROW CHANNEL

J type: -20 to 190ºC (0 to 370ºF), 1.4ºC (2.5ºF)
K type: -25 to 230ºC (-10 to 440ºF), 1.7ºC (3ºF)
S type: 0 to 960ºC (32 to 1750ºF), 7.0ºC (12.6ºF)
T type: -35 to 200ºC (-30 to 390ºF), 1.7ºC (3ºF)

J type: -50 to 600ºC (-55 to 1100ºF), 5ºC (9ºF)
K type: -100 to 1150ºC (-145 to 2100ºF), 6.7ºC (12ºF)
S type: 0 to 1760ºC (32 to 3200ºF), 23ºC (41.5ºF)
T type: -200 to 400ºC (-325 to 750ºF), 6.7ºC (12ºF)

Ordering Information

Model Memory Catalogue #
SR-005 32KB 01-0028
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data logger
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