Tachometers, Contact, Digital, Hand Held Stroboscopes

Check-Line Stroboscopes - Low Cost, Pocket, Splash-Proof, External Trigger, Digital, Handheld, Digital Tachometer Stoboscopes.
Feature-for-feature, function-for-function, and dollar-for-dollar, Extech Instruments provides you with the finest test instruments. The Extech instruments you buy will have features, functions, and reliability equal to or better than the equivalent from other manufacturers.
Ono Sokki - HT-3100/4100 Hand Tachometers Designed for advanced performance, these handheld digital tachometers represent a new standard in design and performance. The compact HT-5000 series has a full compliment of features, including maximum hold and preset, and can make both contact-type and optical r/min measurement.
Monarch Instrument products feature the Examiner Meter - Vibration Meter and Electronic Stethoscope, Fiberscopes - Flexible Fiberscope Inspection Tools, Laser Alignment Systems, Paperless Recorders - DataChart Recorder Series, Portable Stroboscopes, Portable Tachometers and Leak Detection equipment.