Flow Meters, Flowmeters, Flow Controllers, Flow Switches, Flow Indicators

Almeg Controls Level Sensors, Temperature Sensors, Flow, Pressure and Controls.

Blue-White Industries manufactures Top Quality Variable Area Flowmeters, Electronic Meters and Chemical Metering Injectors.

Dwyer Instruments carries an extremely wide variety of products. What we have attempted to do with this section is provide you with a sampling of the products which are available to you.

Products Featured:

Flow | Pressure | Level | Temperature | Data Acquisition

The Flo-tech product line includes low cost hydraulic turbine flow meters and portable hydraulic testers. Flo-tech also offers a varied line of pressure, temperature and flow transducers for hydraulic applications.
The Hedland product line includes over 7,000 in-line variable-area, turbine, positive displacement flow meters, and pressure indicators, designed to monitors oil, water, air and other compressed gases.
TSI Incorporated is a worldwide supplier of innovative sensors and instrumentation systems.

Products Featured:
Combustion Analysis, Diameter, Flaw Detection, Length and Speed Gauges, Exposure Monitoring Instruments, Fluid Mechanics Research Instruments, HVAC Controls-Hospital, HVAC Controls-Laboratory, Indoor Air Quality, Mass Flowmeters, NBC Mask Fit Testing Products, Particle Instruments, Powder/Pharmaceutical Products, Respirator Fit Testing, Spray Characterization and Ventilation Testing/Balancing.