Humidity Instrumentation, Moisture Meters, Hygrometers


Types Of Humidity Instrumentation Available:
  • Heavy Duty Moisture Meters
  • Relative Humidity DMM adaptor
  • Humidity & Temperature Meters
  • Compact RH/Thermometer Pen for field use
  • Big Digit Hygro-Thermometer
  • Dial Hygro-Thermometer
  • RH/Temperature/Clock
  • THD, Temperature/Humidity/Dew Point Recorder, batteries, pens, box of charts
  • Hand held digital Temperature/Humidity/Dew Point Meters
  • Dewpointer, General Industrial Model and Laboratory Precision Model
  • CompuFlow ThermoAnemometer


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TSI Incorporated is a worldwide supplier of innovative sensors and instrumentation systems.

Products Featured:
Combustion Analysis, Test Instruments, Gas Monitors, Indoor Air Quality, Air Velocity Meters, Transducers, Calibrators, Micromanometers, Thermohygrometers, Rotating Vane Anemometers, Ventilation Meters, Air Hoods, and Ventilation Testing/Balancing.