Data Acquisition Products

ACR Systems Inc., are Data Logger and Data Logging specialists for Temperature, Pressure and Relative Humidity.

Products Featured: The ACR SmartButton, ACR JR, ACR OWL, ACR SmartReader, ACR SmartReader Plus, Nautilus Logger and ACR PowerWatch Series.
Dickson Instruments - Genuine monitoring solutions, temperature, humidity and pressure chart recorders, data loggers and remote monitoring systems.

Dwyer Instruments carries an extremely wide variety of products. What we have attempted to do with this section is provide you with a sampling of the products which are available to you.

Products Featured:

Flow | Pressure | Level | Temperature | Data Acquisition

Feature-for-feature, function-for-function, and dollar-for-dollar, Extech Instruments provides you with the finest test instruments. The Extech instruments you buy will have features, functions, and reliability equal to or better than the equivalent from other manufacturers.
Fuji Electric products feature Fuzzy Logic Controllers and Inkjet Recorders, Programmable Controllers, the PX, and PY Series of Controllers and the PH Series of Strip Chart Recorders.
Monarch Instrument products feature the Examiner Meter - Vibration Meter and Electronic Stethoscope, Fiberscopes - Flexible Fiberscope Inspection Tools, Laser Alignment Systems, Paperless Recorders - DataChart Recorder Series, Portable Stroboscopes, Portable Tachometers and Leak Detection equipment.
TES Test Instruments is a professional test instrument manufacturer dedicated to all kinds of hand held equipment, high end digital testers, data recording, environmental monitoring and medical instruments.