MC-1010 Process Calibrator

MC-1010 Process Calibrator

The Martel MC-1010 is a multi-function process calibrator that combines a high accuracy process calibrator with common DMM functions. With the ability to accurately calibrate virtually any process, the Martel MC-1010 process calibrator is an indispensible tool for a wide range of applications.

The Martel MC-1010 multi-function process calibrator will test continuity as well as read and source thermocouples, RTDs, Ohms, voltage, current, and frequency. The unit is compatible with BetaPort-P and Fluke 700 series pressure modules which expand its range to pressure applications. Results are shown of the high contrast ClearBrite graphic display which features a vivid white backlight that makes the display easy to read in all light conditions. Martel's easy to learn yet powerful 3 key menu structure provides a highly intuitive yet powerful operator interface.

The Martel MC-1010 multi-function process calibrator can store up to 9 setpoints for each output function. An RS232 serial interface provides communications options.

The Martel MC-1010 multi-function calibrator ships complete with:

(4) AA Alkaline batteries
Full Rubber boot
(2) Test leads
Instruction manual
NIST Certificate with calibration data

Process Calibrator Features:

  • Simple, straight forward, Intuitive user interface
  • Easy to learn yet powerful 3 Key Martel Menu System
  • New ClearBrite™ Graphic Display
  • New streamlined case design
  • ±0.4°C thermocouple/±0.3°C RTD accuracy
  • ±0.015% of reading electrical accuracy
  • Thirteen (13) T/C types and Thirteen (13) RTD types, plus YSI 400
  • Read and source modes
  • Full Function 4 to 20 mA read, source, simulate and read/power modes with ±0.015% of reading accuracy
  • Source or read 0 to 20 volts (±0.015% of reading accuracy)
  • Direct keyboard entry enables quick output changes
  • Store up to nine (9) setpoints for each output function
  • RTD function compatible with all pulsed transmitters
  • RS232 serial interface
  • Supplied in full rubber boot; optional carrying case available
  • Includes NIST Certificate with calibration data
  • Communication port compatible with both Fluke 700 Series and Beta Calibrator pressure modules.
  • In addition to our standard unit is our MC1010-50 version. All the functionality of our standard MC1010 with the ability to source/measure 50 milliamps. The part number for the 50mA version is 1919909.