Beta DPC-30/100 Digital Pressure Calibrator

DPC-30/100, Digital, Pressure, Calibrator, Beta

Precision Pneumatic Calibration System

The DPC-30/100 digital pressure calibrator is a highly accurate, digital calibrator for pneumatic field instrumentation, including valve actuators, P/I transmitters, controllers, gauges, switches, and recorders.

Digital Pressure Calibrator Features:

  • Both the DPC-30 and DPC-100 Units Will Regulate Pressure From 1 to 30 psig Using Compressed Plant Air (100 psig recommended). The DPC-100 Will Also Read Static Pressure Measurements to 100psig
  • 0.001 psi resolution, 0.035% accuracy
  • Dual digital display - psi & mA or voltage
  • Gauge, differential, and vacuum modes
  • Selectable engineering units
  • Pressure switch test
  • Rugged case to withstand factory floor environments
  • Quik-Test Pressure Calibration Connectors Available