BetaGauge 311A/321A Temperature Pressure Calibrator

BetaGauge, 311A, 321A, Temperature, Pressure, Calibrator

General Purpose High Accuracy Precision Pressure Calibrator
The BetaGauge 311A/321A temperature pressure calibrator provides pressure measurement flexibility over any competitive unit. It provides 0.025% FS accuracy on both internal, isolated and stainless steel pressure sensors.

Advanced Pressure Calibrator Features:

  • One isolated, stainless steel pressure sensor except for 10" H2O and 1 psi Ranges
  • Temperature compensation to ensure field use accuracy
  • Power-Tool-Tough Housing
  • 2 Custom Engineering Units
  • Enhanced Measurement Stability
  • External pressure module connection supports all BetaPort-P pressure modules
  • Large Backlit configurable display for 1,2 or 3 variables
  • Switch test on Pressure (Internal or External)
  • % Error and damping functions
  • RS-232 port for remote operation
  • Differential and Absolute Ranges available
  • Quik-Test Pressure Calibration Connectors Available
  • Included NIST Certificate with calibration data