Calibration Systems for Portable Gas Detectors From Bascom Turner Instruments

N-CAL Networked Calibration
Calibration Docking Stations Integrated in LAN or WAN

Calibration Systems,Portable,Gas,Detectors,Bascom,Turner,InstrumentsDescription

The N-CAL system is fully compatible with LAN or WAN networks. It allows you to quickly and easily calibrate your instruments, and automatically saves calibration records.

Working Features

  • Enables calibration in three simple steps taking less than 2 minutes

  • Automatically downloads calibration record during each calibration

  • Calibration Systems,Portable,Gas,Detectors,Bascom,Turner,InstrumentsCritical reports, e.g., calibration due, automatically emailed to supervisors

  • Fully integrates to any LAN or WAN network


  • Easy to maintain with no System Manager required

  • Data polled, viewed and printed from any desktop

  • Calibration tank monitoring with low gas volume notification

  • Generates pre-formatted, professional reports

  • Options include: patented Boost Gas for conditioning methane sensors, PIN code entry for security, and backup on Bascom-Turner's FTP server

Bottom Line

A user-friendly, time-saving system for technicians and supervisors alike.

Calibration Systems,Portable,Gas,Detectors,Bascom,Turner,InstrumentsStand-Alone Calibration

Bascom-Turner offers a full complement of calibration gases and regulators. Gases are certified to a high level of accuracy and are in stock. All Bascom-Turner products can be automatically calibrated using these gases.