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CDT-2000HD Portable TachometerCAD $329.00
CDT-2000HD Portable Tachometer  
The CHECK-LINE CDT-2000HD Combination Portable Tachometer combines the best features of both contact and non-contact models to accurately ...

PK2X Pocket StroboscopeCAD $659.00
PK2X Pocket Stroboscope  
The new PK2X hand-held Pocket Strobe® is convenient and accurate device to perform non-contact RPM measurements on rotating ...

PLT-5000 Laser TachometerCAD $313.00
PLT-5000 Laser Tachometer  
The PLT-5000 Pocket Laser Tachometer accurately measures RPM and Surface speed using contact or non-contact measurement techniques. This ...

DS-2000LED LED StroboscopeCAD $659.00
DS-2000LED LED Stroboscope  
Designed for maximum performance, portability and ease of use, the DS-2000LED is a hand-held battery powered LED Digital ...

DS-2000LED-OT LED StroboscopeCAD $869.00
DS-2000LED-OT LED Stroboscope  
DS-2000LED-OT Strobe also includes connector for external trigger signal and 3 meter/10ft. trigger cable. Designed for maximum performance, portability ...